Hailing from the Australian landscapes of Campbelltown, Hip Hop recording artist Curtis Noah AKA PROMISQUES began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2005 and has built himself a lucrative rising artist resumé ever since.

Like many people that have grown up in the South Western suburbs of Sydney, Curtis Noah came from a broken home. But unlike so many of these people, he made a decision to break the cycle by utilizing his many talents to show the world that anything is possible.

PROMISQUES also garnered the inspiration to pursue music through his father, who is also a well known recording artist. His father, Bruce Allen, has been linked to numerous underground bands and just like Curtis, Bruce is an all rounder; composing, playing and producing his own music from his group’s label “Wet Dog Records” based out of Brunswick, Melbourne. Allen is also known to be a bit of a beast on a drum kit. Together, father and son lived in a warehouse that housed a 32 channel digital recording studio. This situation gave PROMISQUES the rare opportunity to be exposed to many styles of music and learn the craft of music production and the art of performing through hands-on experience. At the tender age of 12, he made his first beat on Sony Acid Pro, and quickly flourished as an Indie/DIY artist.

It wasn’t long after his inception under the artist name PROMISQUES that Curtis Noah started performing live shows. Since gracing the stage, he has had the opportunity to open for mainstream artist heavyweights such as: The Game, Onyx, Snak the ripper and many more.

In 2005 at the age of 18, Curtis received his first big break when “Parkside”, a Central Coast youth group, heard his reputable style & requested him to appear on their upcoming album in an effort to raise money for their centre. Soon after his album appearance, Curtis landed a bigger gig supporting one of Australian Hip Hop’s super-groups The Herd. As Curtis gained more critical acclaim and acknowledgements of his ability in his scene, it opened the door for him to work alongside well-known Aussie artists such as Joel Turner, Prase, Illy, Kerser, Pez & 360, and many more.

In 2006, Curtis created Notorious Records. Producing and recording from his home studio, The release of PROMISQUES’ mixtape “The Re-Birth” hit the market in 2008, and had many artists and fans talking about his versatile vocal style; reminiscent of the great Eazy E, and others stating “He sounds like an Aussie Madchild”. 

The reaction to his release gave Curtis the inspiration to relentlessly work on his signature sound, and began to lay down some of his best tracks to date that would give him positive reception among the music industry and his insatiable growing fan base. “I was really happy with the reaction I got off this project” says Curtis said in regards to his mixtape release. “The listeners were really feeling it. Which in return makes me keen to get to work on the next project”.

After the release of his follow-up project “Notorious Radio Volume 1″ mixtape, featuring good friend and recording artist Devonne, Curtis continued his journey into the the Aussie Hip Hop world by entering into the 1-out Street Battles in Melbourne, The Pineapple Express tournament. Becoming an instant hit and surprising all those who witnessed his masterful manipulation of the English language, his wins in the Pineapple Express allowed him entry into the “Grind Time Now Aust” league, where he also won his battle with ease which then led him to face off against such artists as Rone & Real deal, Dunn D, Dwizofoz and many more.

During the preperation of these battles, PROMISQUES continued working on many different projects, including two feature spots on Hyjak’s solo album “Straight Jak” and creating his LP “The Southwest District”, featuring collaborations with DJ A.$.K, Hyjak, Devonne & international artists Amun Ra & Menace. Gaining sponsorship in the process with Unique Ink Gosford & Illegal Merch, Curtis has also received interest from other labels & brands.

Much to the disappointments of various record labels that have approached him, Curtis still remains staunchly independent. Choosing to focus solely on developing his own unique home grown sound, as opposed to a commercialized version of what he has been paid to spew out, making all the difference to his selection of released tracks.

PROMISQUES is currently working on his album “Way Back When…” with features from such artists as Merkules, Dunn D & many more. The release date is tentative, but will be slated some time this year. As he continues his work on the new album, be sure to keep up with PROMISQUES by connecting with him via Social Media and Music Streaming sites.